How to Order

©  We request you to view all our products before ordering.

©  Note the code no. of the products you want to order for.

©   Decide on the quantity of these products.

©   Once you have decided on the product and the quantity, you can mail us the

     same for the quotation of the items.

©   You can request for the quotation by mailing us in

©   You will soon get the quotation and the number of days for the delivery of the

     total products as a reply to your mail.

©   Once you get the quotation you can place an order for the products you want  

     by mailing us in

©   Our products are customized, so you can place an order with your own designs,

     logo or print.

©   There must be the date of delivery mentioned on the order. This date refers to

     the date the products ordered should reach the customer.

©   For further queries please feel free to contact us at


About Payments

©   Incase of small orders (Below US$2000) 100% payment needs to be done

     within 15 days of placing the order

©   50% payment should be done within 15 days of placing order in case of bulk

     order (above US$1999)

©   Remaining amount should be paid a week ahead of the shipment date.

©   The Co. can however ask for the partial payment in different installments as

     per the requirement


Receiving the Orders Placed

©   When the orders are placed there must be a date of delivery. This date is the

     date when the customer wants their ordered products to reach them.

©   It takes 15 days on an average after the shipment to reach the desired


    Please note that the remaining payment shall be a week ahead of the

                                       shipment date.

©  In case of more orders, the orders can be accepted only before a week of the

    shipment date. However this might also change according to the types of product

    ordered, availability and time of making the product.